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ECOS LIHEAP supports all core LIHEAP business processes including the delivery of utility energy assistance services. ECOS LIHEAP is compliant with Office of Community Services (OCS) requirements for Program Integrity and LIHEAP Performance Measurement. The JAI maintenance agreement assures that the software will remain compliant with any future changes in OCS policies and procedures.

Household Eligibility 

The LIHEAP eligibility process evaluates client information to determine eligibility for multiple energy assistance programs and services. 

• Determines eligibility for utility energy assistance 
• Provides waiting list of eligible clients
• Determines eligibility for the crisis intervention process
• Tracks time elapsed between application and payment
• Online appointment scheduling 

Benefit Determination

ECOS LIHEAP provides a system-generated benefit amount based on criteria established by ECOS partners and consistent with their state plan.

• Customized benefit calculations per State Plan
•Authorized review and certification of benefit
• Quick access to information required to approve benefits
• System generated approval and denial notifications
• Benefit calculations according to program guidelines 

Payments and Accounting

ECOS LIHEAP manages the entire payment process from setting dollars-per-point to approving payments to vendors and clients.

• Payments to vendor and/or clients
• Refunds and redirects payments/credits to correct errors
• Pre-delivery and Post-delivery payment options
• Validations to prevent duplicate payments
• Tracks and displays remaining approved benefits
• Financial data for processing the next fiscal year
• Bi-direction Interface with agency accounting system 

Vendor Management

The ECOS Vendor Management module maintains a historical record of all vendor contracts, manages information provided by vendors and communicates benefit, voucher and payment notices.

• Vendor Contract Management
• Review and update of vendor account information
• Vendor portal for client benefit and payment information
• Bi-directional interface with vendor billing systems
• Notifications to communicate with vendors
• Vendor Reports and document storage