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ECOS Weatherization

ECOS Weatherization Assistance Program (WAP) includes a fully integrated DOE nationally approved energy audit. ECOS integrates the entire WAP work-flow process including all eligibility, administrative, financial, technical and operational functions. The work flow is logical and intuitive and provides all the required features beginning with the customizable client priority list and ending with the PAGE Report or other funding source reporting.

Client Priority List

Eligible Households are transferred to the WAP Client Priority List. ECOS determines if the dwelling has been previously weatherized. Priority List Factors are Configurable in accordance with State Plan.

• ECOS provides an alert if building has been weatherized
• Reports dates of previous WAP activities 
• Ranks client priority from highest on top to lowest 
• Override ranking and select client based on other criteria 

Energy Audit & Costing

All the technical energy audit information is stored in one system reducing errors and greatly improving monitoring and reporting.

• Integrated DOE Approved/ WAP Compliant Energy Audit
• Energy Audit templates and program validation  
• Load sizing, system replacements and ASHRAE ventilation
• Measures Program compliance with task categories
• Tracks cost savings by task and funding source 

Job Management

ECOS Job management begins by selecting vendors and pricing jobs. Jobs can be priced on a case by case basis or based on annual bids by task as submitted by contractors.

• SIR calculations for all energy savings measures
• Job management for crews and contractors
• Customizable work order with integrated SWS
• Notification of waivers with comments and history tracking
• Quality Assurance Inspections
• Expenditures tracked by grant and funding sources 

Billing and Budgeting

Our WAP billing system allows sub-grantees to bill the grantee agency for Direct Costs, deferred clients and customizable line items for Program and Additional Costs.

• Creation and management of multiple funding sources
• standard and customized reports by funding source
• Agency billing to Grantee or funding source
• Budgeting and billing history
• Network and agency specific budgets
• Program specific budgets, rules and limits