A Message From Our CEO

“Our goal is to foster a community of ECOS users whom all share the benefits as ECOS grows to serve your needs.”

- John M. Joseph Jr., PhD

Dear Energy Assistance Program Professional,


Thank you for your interest in JAI Software and for taking the time to learn about our company and the services we offer.


JAI Software is an innovative software company based in Farmingdale, Maine; a small community about sixty miles north of Portland. It was founded by a team of energy program professionals with over 20 years of experience as software programmers, energy auditors, program monitors, program evaluators, and managers. As a result, we have a very good understanding of the challenges facing you and have designed our products and services to serve your clients more effectively. Together, we work to offer the best available system to support LIHEAP and WAP.


In 2003, we implemented our first statewide Windows Forms SQL Server Database solution for LIHEAP. This original platform was the solid foundation upon which all of our products and services were developed. Since then we have remained committed to consistently and continually improving our technology. We now offer ECOS as a fully-integrated web-based platform that supports all functions of LIHEAP, WAP and Utility Assistance. ECOS efficiently exchanges data with other systems and provides the highest levels of security to protect you and your clients.


We understand that flexibility is built into federal block grant programs. The ECOS modular architecture intentionally accommodates your needs for unique program features and processes. We are committed to sharing enhancements commissioned by one partner with all partners in the network at no cost.  Our goal is to foster a community of ECOS users whom all share the benefits as ECOS grows to serve your needs. 


We are proud to serve our national customer base with a customer-first mentality.  Our intent is to find the best path forward together. We have consulted extensively with national program leaders to create the best possible design to serve your needs.

As a business, our goal is to continue to grow and expand while offering great career opportunities for our employees and of course, never forgetting our customer-centered development and support.


I hope that this website has given you a view of how we might help you.  Please contact us to learn more.


All the best,


John Digital Signature.png

John M. Joseph, Jr., PhD