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“We chose JAI’s ECOS system for our Heating Assistance program to streamline our eligibility determinations and access options to increase efficiency with our energy vendors and customers. Having a reliable system that is intuitive has made our transition of the program to statewide processing possible. JAI has been adaptable to the changes requested and delivered a product that meets our needs.”

Program Chief, Alaska Division of Public Assistance

"If I was a Grantee Administrator,

I could easily pick this system up and use it today."

Former National WAP Director,

The fact that ECOS is now the State's first ever FedRAMP compliant system is quite the accomplishment

Alaska IT Project Coordinator 

"ECOS is the first one I have seen that is specifically written by WX experienced people with varied backgrounds in the program and it seems to hit the Program, Technical and Fiscal aspects very well with one system. What a refreshing change."

Project Director

"JAI cares about its relationship and it commitments to their clients. They have a talented staff of information systems professionals and they are knowledgeable about all aspects of the energy industry."

Former Maine Energy Program Director

"Your system is elegantly designed, I really like how this system flows."

DOE WAP Technical Consultant 

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