WAP Inspired

ECOS was built from the ground up to specifically meet the needs and challenges of the Weatherization Assistance Program. 


Coming Soon: Online WAP Application

Program Compliance

DOE Approved Energy Audit

Standard Work Specifications

QCI Inspections & Monitoring

SIR Validation & User Guidance

All Required Reporting

Program Efficiency

Job Costing

Customizable Waiting List

Audit Libraries

Powerful Desk Monitoring

Deferral Management

Program Management

Entire WAP Process in One System

Data Dashboards & Analytics

Training & Certification Tracking

Internal & External Communications

Identify Signs of Waste & Abuse

Financial Management

Grant Management & Budgeting

Automated Billing Process

Page & DOE Required Reports

Manage Multiple Funding Sources

Leverage Resources

“You can certainly see that ECOS was specifically designed for use in the weatherization programs.  It really shows you guys thought things out!”

- Energy Utility Program Manager

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