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Cape Harbor looking out at Cape Island and the longtime summer home of Margaret Hamilton._


JAI Software, located in Maine, was founded by a team of seasoned energy program and IT professionals with many years of expertise as software programmers, energy auditors, state monitors, program evaluators and managers. JAI is committed to offering the best available client support system for LIHEAP, WAP, and Utility Assistance. Our skilled support team takes great pride in helping our clients meet and exceed their goals.


JAI Software offers the ECOS platform for managing energy assistance programs including LIHEAP, Weatherization, and Energy and Water Utility Assistance. The Energy Community Online System is hosted on the Microsoft Azure Government Cloud and operates under FedRAMP security standards. It connects all stakeholders on a common platform: grantees, subgrantees, vendors, online applications, and third-party systems. It integrates all program functions in one unified system providing powerful reporting and data analysis.

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